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My name is Shannon and I have recently stumbled upon this healthy (and yummy!)  food journey.  I think it’s important to make people realize that healthy food can be just as exciting and delicious as the processed, high sugar, fat, and salt diet that they are used to.  My mother is a Registered Dietitian so I’ve been hearing all my life about the nutrition of the food that entered our house.  I am grateful that she rarely brought in “junk foods”, although I probably was not grateful at the time as I was a youngin, unconcerned with my health.  Recently I have watched several documentaries that have inspired me to become vegetarian and cut out the majority of animal products (eggs and dairy) as well.  The names of the documentaries can be found in my first post under uncatergorized on my home page.  I will be posting recipes that I have tried and enjoyed and recipes that I have created.  Time to nourish our bodies in a deeeelicious way!

Nice to meet everyone!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this – you are my new go-to for Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. Love the pictures, the simply laid out ingredients and methods. Thanks Gastronomically!

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